L-SAP is something everyone needs and uses numerous times in their life.

L-SAP stands for: Life Strategic Analytical Planning.  

L-SAP has five parts integrated to gather as life is integrated: 

1. An analytical analysis and understanding of your needs, wants and goals 

2. Tax planning is, the next 5 years and the current year tax returns 

3. Financial Planning for retirement, security, budgeting and choice of investments.  

4. Elder care. What is it and how will it work when you’re elderly? More importantly what to do about your elderly parents today. 

5. Estate planning. The proper use of will, trusts and powers and the limitations of taxes. How do you accomplish your wishes? You want to avoid probate, it is not good for anybody. 

If you are interested in L-SAP contact Antonini CPAs today where your life objectives are integrated and merged into your financial security (a plan).