Trustee Services

John and Orlando Antonini go to any length necessary to care for their clients as if they were a part of the family, with relationships spanning decades.As your trusted advisors, John and Orlando are the people you can call at any hour, see at any time, and depend on in any situation. As a result of this close relationship, your wishes and desires for the future can be clearly defined and executed by the hand of John and Orlando. 

Antonini CPA’s offer a variety of Trustee services that include:

  • Executor or backup executor for wills
  • Trustee in any trust
  • Conservator in conservatorship

Unlike the majority of CPA firms, John and Orlando are registered with the Department of Justice in the State of California. Handling the future is full of uncertainties; putting your trust in John and Orlando can be a certainty that secures your future and the future of those you love.